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January 28th, 2009


People suck.

the end.

January 3rd, 2009

Learning the LJ

I'm going to rant about my life here, do the angsty thing...because, hey, lets face it, that's what LJ's are for...right?! haha. 

      Yeah- my best friend has like, abandoned me for something else. Rather than taking me with her, she's like, peaced out on me and well, that sucks a shit ton cause she's my best friend and all, but like, seriously, who does that....I don't even get the courtsey phonecall telling me that shes back in VT. .. . i get a text  a few days before hand saying that she's on her way back to teh homeland, but really, i don't get shown the same courtesy that I would show her, or any of my friends for that matter. If i can't uphold any plans then I will tell the people that I made those plans with like at least 24 hours in advance so they can plan somethien elese to occupy their time.

yeah, people have other things they could be doing than hanging out with you...face it, your friends have other lives...all of them. lol.

      So, just because now, that you have a kid, that means everyone should be like, groveling at your feet...i think not! Congrats, anyone with the right reproductine organs can produse spawn....you've done nothign that note-worthy other than lie about getting out of the navy. whooooo....go you.

      yeah, next time you're in the neighbourhood...don't call me. Don't call me when you get back to VA, don't call me when your kid decides to have something termainlly wron with it, and odn't call me when your boyfriend decides that it's enough because Ive had enough of being the best firend that only has a place when you can't deal with your life....not like you ever call me just to say hi...or anything, i think that happened online like, once. yeah. you rock.

    it just sucks that no one else that I've met has been a better friend that you. I'm still that person that doesn't have that best female friend. thanks for taking that away i guess...it's been in the process of leaving since you got to college.


December 30th, 2008

Live Journal

This website officially has the worst layout of any blogging site i have ever and I mean EVER seen! I mean, c'mon.

anyway. I am alive...and full of goo.
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